Announcement: We are officially retiring Backer Rod Blonde. When the last keg kicks, this time it won’t be replaced. – – There is a handful of cases left available so you can enjoy Backer Rod at home while it’s still here. – – It is bittersweet seeing it go, considering it was the first beer we ever brewed on our big system. But, the time has come for it to go. ✌️ #knoxbeer #knoxvilletennessee #craftbeer #knoxbeer

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In the left corner, coming in at 10.1% ABV is Bourbon Barrel Aged Moundz. This banger was aged for 13 months in Four Roses bourbon barrels and then loaded up with tons and tons of dark chocolate, coconut, and a literal mound of Mounds bars. Seems like this should be the clear winner but in the right corner we have regular Moundz, an 8.5% pastry stout. If you thought there was a lot of dark chocolate and coconut in the BA version, this one took it to the Next Level, with even more dark chocolate,coconut, and an even larger mound of Mounds bars. It should be a good fight. Come and see who wins.

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